Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What a Team!

Surgery has started for our Togo 2012 outreach!  Each of the new nurses are beginning to have their first shifts in the ward, with real patients and some serious surgeries.  It is so lovely to watch their hearts melt when they see the precious babies with their lips taped together like cat whiskers, after a cleft lip repair, to see their compassion for the patients waiting anxiously for their surgery and to be hands on caring from patients back from surgery with nasogastric tubes for feeding, bandaged heads, drains and IV fluids.  It makes me feel warm all over to see the love poured out upon these people who have entered so deeply into my heart!

Here is a glimpse of the team:

The whole team
The ward nurses
A group of us loving how high waisted our scrub pants were made

We were a little worried we would be squashed by the T-Rex machine that moves the containers around the port, while we were waiting for these photos to be taken.
The port in Lome where we are docked this very minute!

I'm so excited about the fun we will have this year!

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