Friday, 3 August 2012

One day left in London

During my last day and a half in London I stayed with my friend Harriet, at her sister’s house, along with their dog, Bobbie.

Now, I’m not really a dog person, and generally try to avoid them because, let’s face it- they smell and they leave hair everywhere!  But there is something so lovely about being able to walk through the park with a dog running beside you, full of life, enthusiasm and energy.  I enjoyed our walk through the park immensely, with Bobbie running circles around us.  He found a tennis ball in the grass and played games with me as I threw it time and time again for him, laughing as I watched him jump in the air the catch the ball in his mouth.  Something so simple like this, so normal for some people, brought such joy to me! Just a dog, a ball, green grass, some sunshine and a friend.

We walked to Clapham Junction and met up with more friends, Karin and Tim, for lunch for Karin’s birthday.  While Harriet took Bobbie home for a nap, we organized birthday cake for Karin!
One of my favourite things to do is take timer photos- during this particular one Ruth had a blueberry drop down her shirt, which then somehow caused Karin to angle her cake plate and slip, off it came onto my dress!

In the evening we met up with a few more friends, enjoyed a lovely light dinner and then headed to the theatre to watch The Wizard Of Oz musical!!!  What a great way to end my time in London!

 After a very early morning, cab ride, train ride, plane and car pick-up, I arrived back in Zurich at Annette’s house for my final day of holidays.  Noel and Melinda had joined Annette at her apartment and together we had a leisurely breakfast, then headed out to the Rhine river for a swim or rather, ride, down the fast flowing, freezing cold river.
We had another great Swiss meal at dinner- cheese fondue and catch up with another wonderful Mercy Ships nurse from 2011. But all too soon it was bed time as I had another early morning flight back to the ship in Tenerife.  Three small flights later and a couple of naps, I arrived into Tenerife.  I was picked up from the airport and after a trip to the supermarket, we arrived at the ship, just in time for a fire drill.  Haha.  Yep, I’m home.

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