Thursday, 22 November 2012


Did you know that as well as being a nurse, I'm also one of the hospital ward photographers?! I was sort of thrown into the 'job' back in 2011 during the Sierra Leone outreach when our communications department was swamped with work and now it's a permanent pleasure.
A couple of weeks ago, another nurse arrived on board with his wife.  He is a professional photographer and so he's joined me in taking photos of what we get up to in the hospital. I have also been able to ask him questions about how to improve my skills and use my camera to its full potential. Here are a few photos from Monday.

At 'work'

With some of the team in D ward

My favourite patient of this week! Oh, the personality!

A sweet old lady and her grand daughter


This man, is the patient that had the huge surgery I have blogged about several times in the last few weeks.  Look at him!!!  This is two weeks post operative and he has now been discharged to the outpatients department! I can hardly believe how well he has done! His face will continue to heal and the extra skin will continue to shrink back in the coming months.  He is eating soft food for the first time in years and loving every mouthful! What an amazing recovery and story!


  1. How wonderful! I am thrilled as an aspiring nurse, CNA, and Christian to see such goodness and godliness demonstrated by the selflessness of the crew of the Mercy Ships. I am intrigued and would love an opportunity to serve myself as a member of the crew one day. I will make it my aim to pray daily for the crew and her endeavors.

    1. Thank you!! Maybe we will meet some day!



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