Saturday, 12 January 2013


Well, the strange thing is, now I have two homes. After living on the ship for 2 years, I have ‘family’ on board, so it seems no matter where I am, I am always missing someone.
But Australia will always be home, no matter how far away I am.

My favourite things about being home are really simple. Things like:
Being in a house and able to walk around, only being seen by my family and not 400 other crew members.
Eating food whenever I want to eat, instead of being restricted to set meal times.
Sitting on a comfy couch with a window open, feeling the cool breeze on my face.
Wanting to cook something and having all the ingredients ready at my fingertips (thanks to my mum’s well stocked pantry).
Sitting on the porch swing and having the cat lay on my feet.
Having a car available whenever I want to use it.
Being able to leave the house on my own whenever I want to and come home whenever I want.
Living in a bedroom by myself and not having to share space or be super quiet when I get out of bed in the morning or going to bed at night.
The ability to watch a movie in a lounge room.
If I needed something from the shops I could just drive to get it.

I know they are simple things, but most of them are just not possible living on the ship. So I soaked them in while I could.

I also wrote a list of things I wanted to do while I was home, just because I could.  It looked something like this:

Make a gingerbread house

Create something new- I sewed a new dress! (many thanks to Mum!)

Cook penguin waffles

Do a puzzle

Go to the beach

Eat Gelato and frozen yoghurt

Have a BBQ

Swim in the pool
Play tennis
Go for a run
Go to the shops

Most of these things involved the company of family members or friends and while the activities themselves were enjoyable, the most joy was in catching up with family and friends and seeing my friend’s children growing up.

The trip home was one of the least enjoyable trips ever, freezing to death (or close to it, with tingling fingers) for 8 solid hours, then almost missing my last flight, then being left at the Conakry airport for an hour and then arriving to find my jewellery was stolen from inside my luggage during one of the lay-overs. Hmm... yes, not my favourite trip ever.
But now I am back on the ship, after a delightful holiday and happily reunited with dear friends.


  1. A climbed up on my lap while I was reading this and was pretty stoked to see her and her strawberry togs :-) We loved having you home. The penguin waffles brought a smile to my face.



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