Friday, 15 February 2013

60 Minutes

60 Minutes America came to the ship about April last year and filmed a little of what we do on board the ship and inside my ward, the maxillofacial ward. If you live in the US you can catch the show this Sunday night. For those in Australia, you can probably see it online by Tuesday.
Unfortunately, you'll all get to see it before we do! I would love to know your thoughts!!!

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  1. Prior to reading your blog I was reading some comments from Mercy Ships on my Facebook page. At first I was thought it may have been the Australian version of 60 Minutes featuring Mercy Ships but realised it was the USA version.

    I think the 60 Minute session was welldone and presented a good insight into the depth of medical intervention for public to see what is happening on board the Mercy Ships. I even spotted you (Deb) in the media presentation :)

    Take care...keep up the good work.




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