Thursday, 26 September 2013

This is Love

Here's the long awaited Patient Selection Day (aka Screening Day) photos. If you read back to my screening day blog My One, you'll see the photos of the ones I noticed and wrote about on that day. See if you can spot them.

I know it's not about numbers- not by any means but here are a few statistics from the day.
The total estimated people (including those turned away outside the compound + potential patients and caregivers who came through the gate): 7,354.
In 12 hours, 4,326 potential patients were screened.
1,326 of those came through pre-screeners for surgical specialties, who then came through registration and then histories (my station!) and then on to the specialty surgeon station and to surgery scheduling.

This is Natacha! She is My One- more story to come.

The amazing thing is, so many of these patients I have already seen in the wards, have had their surgery and been discharged. It is truly amazing to be a part of their journey.
The funny thing is, I am on night shift this minute and my day crew who is my translator is sitting next to me. He has sat here silently while I have scrolled through photos of Patient Selection Day and posting them onto this page. As I worked he commented on the heart behind Mercy Ships being here in Congo, "This is love" he said. Yes, you are right. Because every one person counts.

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