Friday, 11 April 2014

Egg Sandwiches

A wave of humid, hot air hits us, as we open the deck 5 door to the gangway, greet our Nepalese Gurkha, scan our badge out and begin our adventure. The sun beats down upon our neck and bare shoulders, asking for a sunburn at this midday hour. Sweat immediately begins to form droplets that drip and dribble down the body, but it is all worth it for the reward we know is coming.

A discovery for us on the streets of Pointe Noire this outreach, were egg sandwiches, made freshly in front of our noses. My friend Stacia is particularly fond of them and it's inevitable that on a morning or day off together, we'll walk the hot 25 minutes through the port and up the street to our friend Adelaide's egg sandwich stand.

Here's how they're made.


And there you have it! Our favourite lunch!!


  1. You'll back on this post with affection and "Oh yeah!! Egg sandwiches!" one day :)

    So it's basically an omelette put into a baguette?

  2. Hehe. Yes. Two egg omelette with onion and a pinch of salt. Avocado with a little onion and a light dressing, in a fresh, soft baguette!! Definitely something you can make at home!!



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