Thursday, 2 October 2014

I Am Full

The day finally arrives. The night was spent mostly sleeping but listening for an alarm to sound the beginning of the day. It has been eagerly awaited. It has taken months to plan.
The sun has already risen but the day is still early. The hot rollers are switched on and ready. Hairspray in hand. Bobby pins lined up. Make-up set up and spread across the table.  It is my little sister's wedding day.

Although we had a tight schedule to keep with hair and make-up being done by us at home, we wanted to keep the morning fun and light-hearted. Champagne with hibiscus flowers bubbled happily in our glasses. I concentrated hard at making Ruth's hair the most beautiful, perfect assembly of pinned and hanging curls. She in return, did mine while I simultaneously had my makeup done by my sister-in-law, Lyndi. I stayed as still as I could while my hair tugged, and my eyes and face were painted. Lyndi said I must have been good at the game Statues when I was a kid.

Before Ruth had completed my hair up-do, when my makeup was finished, I began to braid Sarah's hair. Looking around the room, Lyndi was doing Rebecca's make up, Sarah was in front of me as I tugged in her hair, Ruth behind me placing the last pins, mum giving support and encouragement and dad documenting it all with photos. (Not quite sure where my brother had gone- perhaps too much hairspray happening for him!) In the moment I had a laugh. It felt like we were playing games and not like my sister was about to make the biggest promise of her life.

Hair and makeup perfectly set, the bridesmaid dress falling in gentle waves against my body, jewellery dangling, shoes zipped and tied to complete the look, I walked upstairs to the bride, "Time to put your dress on Ruth!"
I slipped her into her hand made gown, lacing up the back and pulling it tight. She had spent more than 100 hours putting this dress together and she looked stunning. I don't actually think I've ever seen her look so beautiful. Photographer and bouquets arrived and apart from a moment where I almost fell backwards down the front stairs, all was ready and we were on time!
The old classic wedding cars arrived, unintentionally matching our colour scheme!  Stephen wanted Ruth there on time and not late. She had promised she would be. So we pulled out of our family home, leaving behind the mess of empty champagne glasses, shoes boxes, scattered makeup, left over bobby pins and my sister's bedroom, never to be slept in by her alone again.

Stephen was beaming as we walked down the aisle. Ruth glowed. I swallowed back tears. We sang a song together as a church. As our voices rose to the heavens it was as though the church roof lifted off and the angels joined with us. The sound filled the church and overflowed our hearts. I had to stop singing to choke back my tears. He was smiling with us. Actually I think God’s heart was bursting with pride for these two. I watched the bride and groom for the rest of the day, gaze into each other’s eyes with so much hope for their future together. I am thrilled for them. I know it's just the beginning of an amazing journey and adventure together.

The following day was my mum's 60th birthday party. Again our house was full of life, love and laughter.
I love my family. I am so proud of each of them in their individual ways.  This whole weekend was full of family, love and laughter. My heart is so full. I feel God so strongly in those moments where I take a step back, look around the room at those whom I love and let my heart swell and throb with joy for all God has given me. I am full.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I hope the break in Australia has given you a reboot to focus on your future with Mercy Ships. You look cute dolled up as well :)



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