Friday, 25 March 2016

Time with Family

Home; a word I often pause before saying or explaining where it is, because the answer isn’t simple. Now I just think of a familiar place where I feel comfortable with people who have welcomed me into their hearts and lives and that to me is home.

I have spent this last month away from the ship in New Zealand and Australia, celebrating the marriage of my cousin, the upcoming birth of my sister’s baby and just generally taking time out from the intense environment of the ship and reconnecting with family and friends. I don’t have much to say except through my photos. So, instead of reading thousands of words, scroll through the photos below to glimpse the joy of 'normal' life.

Some of my extended family

NZ sheep selfie

She has learnt to walk since I've been home!

Looking back through these photos I've uploaded highlights the fact that they are mostly baby photos, but this is the season of life. Also, the little one is my niece and so cute photos of her are mandatory (and so enjoyable) for me to capture. Above is my little sister and her husband, preparing to give birth in just 6 weeks.

The photos I did not take are the many friends that I have in my home town and surrounding areas and despite not capturing the beauty each friend brings to my life with a still shot, I hold on to these friendships dearly, knowing I need them to speak life and truth into me.

Now it's time to return to the ship and to my other 'normal' life, worlds apart from each other. Somehow I wish they could be combined and that I wouldn't have to keep choosing between them, always missing people wherever I am.

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