Thursday, 5 May 2011

Special Moments

Special moments sometimes catch my breath at work in the ward on the Africa Mercy.

Like hearing my patient who’d had a huge goitre removed from around her neck, praise God with a new strength in her voice.

Hearing my name being called by a patient and when I looked over they point to a beloved long term orthopaedic patient, only 12 years old, asleep in a wheelchair with his head laying back and his mouth open.  We look at each other and laugh.

Visiting my gorgeous toddler in the Hope Centre and seeing her blow me kisses and feeling those scrumptious chubby legs!

Sitting in the ward watching the Royal Wedding surrounded by Africans hearing their comments about how their weddings are not that different.

Or saying goodnight to my all ortho patients who have been in hospital now for 40 days or so.  We know each other by name, by personality, by laughter and smile.

There is so much love to be given and received.  You just have to open your heart and your eyes to see it.


  1. Beautiful Deb. Obviously I should have had my wedding in Africa. Would have loved to wave at the crowds from my horse drawn carriage.

  2. Lovely. I'm sure there's lots of heartache too - what a great job you're doing!



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