Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Life in Liverpool and beyond

After a merry train ride in first class (surprisingly cheaper than the standard ticket) complete with drinks and food, I was welcomed into the arms of my dear friend Sarah Oliver. We first met in Benin 2009, on the ship and have been so blessed to see each other every year since!
We spent the next few days walking around Liverpool, catching up with another friend from the ship, Ginger, re-visiting the iron men on the beach, who seem to be a little worse for wear- now mostly covered in moss and some sort of shellfish. We also went to a recreation of Central Perk from the TV show Friends!


At Central Perk

After a few days in Liverpool Sarah and I headed down to London, stopping for a day in Reading to visit a friend, Paul. With him we traveled to Windsor and saw the Queen's current residence, walking The Long Walk, wandering around Windsor, seeing Ascot racecourse but most excitedly and unexpectedly for me, hearing Chop My Money (an often played and favourite African song) played by a riverboat. I think my jaw almost hit the ground and unintelligible squeals erupted from mouth in excitement as I tried to explain to Sarah and Paul the source of my joy!

Windsor Castle

The following day the adventure continued in Surrey, London.

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