Saturday, 1 September 2012

Revive Me

We have been in Guinea now for just over one week. Every department is in full swing, people rushing around everywhere, pressed to finish tasks by the deadlines. I am sitting still in some rare time alone with God, reflecting a little over the past few weeks. It really wasn't that long ago that we were sailing away from Togo and I was crying out to God to take away the pain in my heart. I remember feeling the ship rock beneath me as I lay flat on deck 9 and listening to God tell me to just give it up and float on His ocean of Grace. Just thinking about it now, brings me to tears. The pain of submitting everything I am and everything I have, was so great.
Only a few weeks after the sail to Tenerife, I left for Europe and spent three glorious weeks being refreshed by sights, sounds, smells, tastes and wonderful friends. One particular day in Switzerland I lay in my friend's hammock on the balcony, basking my feet in the sunshine, listening to a song called You Revive Me by Christy Nockels. This song became my prayer and I looked up and wrote out all the synonyms for the word Revive, clinging to the hope that God would bring this in my life.
Revive- awaken, bounce back, breathe new life into, brighten, cheer, come to life, comfort, console, encourage, energise, enliven, exhilarate, gladden, inspirit, invigorate, make whole, overcome, recondition, recover, refresh, rejuvenate, rekindle, renew, renovate, repair, restore, resurrect, resuscitate, revitalise, strengthen, wake up. I prayed these over my life. And do you know what? In the last few weeks something suddenly changed! The pain was gone!
God has truly answered my prayer. And I want to cry for the thankfulness in my heart. I am so undeserving of this, but I know God truly wants me to be revived and restored! He delights in me being whole.
I can hardly believe the difference I feel in myself- maybe not evident to others, I don't know, but God knows the healing He has done in me. I don't ever want to forget His amazing healing, His faithfulness and the way He has carried me these past few months.
With God restoring me, I have so much more to give. As we head into a new outreach there are so many places to pour out from His overflowing. I know it won't always be easy but I know who is steadily walking beside me.

Arriving into Guinea with the flag on our eyes

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