Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Island

During this last week while emailing friends at home, I really felt like I had nothing to report. My 'exciting' life on the Africa Mercy wasn't so interesting. I didn't feel inspired by anything. Perhaps it didn't help that I had been on night shift and so my week had basically consisted of trying to sleep while everyone else lived life and while they slept, I worked. Not that I'm complaining, I actually don't mind night shift every now and then, but it does make you feel a little unattached from the world and in my case overly emotional and irrational at times!  But anyway, by Friday my nights were over and the weekend upon me.

There are three islands close enough to see from the ship, just off the coast of Conakry and I wanted to visit one for a day adventure. After a team effort of recruiting friends and finding a man with a boat, we set off on Saturday as a group of 14 friends.

A boat full of locals capsized a few weeks ago on the way to the islands and devastatingly most of them drowned (I heard about 28 people) and so since then every person getting in a boat must have their names written down and a life jacket buckled on. I love a boat ride across the ocean!

Once we arrived on the smallest island, called Rome, we were led by some local hotel owners to their beach. To my delight, when the beach came into sight, I saw good sized waves!!! I am happy to report I wasn't disappointed! I body surfed these waves and happily laid in the sun (under an umbrella of course ;) ) for hours.

The sun was bright and hot, the sky blue and a light breeze wafting across the yellow sand. Perfect weather for a day on an island, don't you think?!

As I waded out to the waves, at the beginning of swim number 2 for the day, I thought, "yes, now I feel alive and inspired!"
I guess growing up and going to a surf beach every year for a family holiday has partially conditioned my soul! So I thoroughly enjoyed myself! As did the rest of the group!

The end of the day on the island consisted of a lunch of fresh fish- caught while we were swimming and laying on the beach! Accompanied by homemade fries and tomato salsa. Yum!

A perfect Saturday out.


  1. Oh how fun!!!! What a cool spot! I miss eating fish that look angry.

  2. Did your group catch and prepare their own fish? Or was it fare you could purchase from local vendors?

    thanks for you for your labor of love.

    1. We purchased the fish from the locals who have set up a small restaurant there. Basically you order lunch and if you want fish then they go and catch it and prepare it for you! You can't get fresher than that! :)



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