Friday, 5 October 2012

Little Friends

It is amazing how quickly you fall in love with kids.  We have had gorgeous kids in the hospital this outreach (we always do!), but some of them have stayed on the ward longer than others, giving us the chance to really fall in love with them.  These kids pictured below have stolen my heart!

Hawa and Meme, loved to play together!
'Bum-ba' is Sousou (local language) to put on your back. These girls carried their 'babies' (balloons) around the ward on their backs, practicing for when they are older. So cute!

"Here, let me help!"

Cute Lamin
Three friends
Hawa would come up to me often, patting my hip and looking at me with puppy dog eyes, "Bum-ba, bum-ba".  How could i resist?

Playing in the wards

One of hundreds of cuddles!

Yesterday i went to visit her at the Hope Centre.  I miss seeing her every day in the hospital, but i know it's good for her to be out and able to run around!
See those three faces peeking through the fence, in the rain?

I love little faces snuggling in.  I love little feet pattering on the floor. I love little hands holding mine.

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