Wednesday, 18 April 2012

African Mama

So, I'm not a mother, well, not a mother of my own baby, but working on the ward in this hospital in Africa, makes me mother to any baby within reach.  So what do mothers naturally do when their baby is upset or tired?  Hold them, carry them, rock them.  And this is how we do it:

I po-po the child.  I have learnt to do it just like the African mamas.  Just give me the baby, i'll swing them around to my back, lean forward, pick up the cloth, a tuck here and there and tie them on.  It is always much to the surprise of the on-looking mother or another caregiver or patient.  Even the Day Volunteers in the ward that I work with, are surprised at how quickly I can tie them on.  I will walk around the ward going about my work with a baby or small child strapped on.  And I love it!!!

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