Thursday, 12 April 2012

Life changes

Even when I am inconsistent with blogging, my patients are still rolling through the hospital.  So when I come back to writing about them I’m not sure where to start because so many great things and constantly happening!  So where can I start?  Perhaps with Edem.
Here is Edem on his admission day:

He still had good sight in his right eye unbelievably!  We just had to pray that during surgery everything for his sight would stay intact and protected!
Of course after surgery his face was very swollen and will still take further weeks for the swelling to go down and for the skin to shrink back from being so stretched with the tumour, but as far he could tell us, he could still see out of his right eye!!!  Here he is on his discharge day from outpatients.

Praise the Lord for the transformation and renewal of life!

Another amazing story is of Toyi.  Here he is pre-op:

I’m not sure what happened to his nose and face, perhaps it was a gangrenous disease called Noma which leads to tissue destruction of the face, especially mouth and cheek.  Anyway, he needed a new nose and a graft to his cheek to release the scar.  Over a period of about 4wks we were able to make him a brand new nose!
It’s a complicated two part surgery, but simply amazing what we can create!  He was afraid the people in his village wouldn’t recognise him!  Thankfully his sister joined him on the ward with us, to help with him, for he could be quite the grumpy, old, endearing man at times!  I’m sure having her here as a part of the process with him, will help him in his transition home.  Here he is on the day he left the ward with his sister.

We had so many beautiful kids come and go during these last few weeks.  Here are a few of them.

Oh man, i love my job here!

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