Monday, 25 June 2012

Open Eyes

The sail has ended.  The M/V Africa Mercy has arrived in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands for the next few weeks.  Some of the time will be spent in dry dock for maintenance.
The sail has been absolutely magical.  I have seen flying fish,

a hammerhead shark,

several different kinds of whales (mostly short finned pilot whales),

 and hundreds of dolphins.

I have spent afternoons staring off into the distance, off the bow,

time with amazing friends,

 Gazing upon beautiful cloud-filled skies,

And many a night staring into the starlit sky, counting shooting stars.

It really has been magical for me.  The ocean water is this indescribable blue colour that sucks in me and holds my attention for hours.  We have had cloudy days, sunny days, still days and choppy days, but as each one of them has passed, I have taken the time to just be in it.  Just as I have searched the ocean for dolphins, I have also searched God for more of who He is.  The time that I sat on the bow of the ship, in the glorious sunlight, staring out to open see hoping to see more dolphins, because I am so captivated by them, I was also searching my thoughts and my heart for what God was speaking to me and doing on the inside.  Every creature I saw, I thanked God for his precious gifts to me. His gifts are abundant, i just have to open my eyes to see them.

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  1. Great pics...have a good rest and break.



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